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Rewards Credit Card: How do I Choose the right one?


As you can see, there are countless rewards credit card types to compare, but even with all the choices and perks, it can still be difficult to find the right one. There are a few steps to consider when navigating around RewardsCreditCards.org to make the process of choosing a card a bit easier

When looking for a Rewards Credit Card:

  • Think about what you want out of a rewards credit card.Are you looking to earn money back with each of your purchases? Do you travel frequently and want to earn perks such as seat upgrades to business or first class? Want to shop at your favorite retail store and have exclusive access to sales or promotions, in addition to earning rewards for future purchases? These are all questions to ask yourself when narrowing down the options.
  • You’re not limited.There’s no rule that says you can only apply to one rewards credit card! If you love the features of a rewards credit card that comes with a loyalty program for travel, but also like getting points back for dining, you can easily sign up for both cards and use them when appropriate. This works well for responsible spenders, as having multiple open credit lines can be dangerous for some.
  • Consider the fees.When searching for travel or accommodations credit cards, look at the foreign transaction fee. Cardholders who are more interested in the annual fee or annual percentage rate often ignore this amount, but if you plan to use the credit card outside of the country, you are going to want to know about these foreign transaction fees – which is usually a charge of three percent per transaction amount. While it might not seem like a lot, it certainly adds up over time!

There are many considerations to make when it involves choosing the right rewards credit card for your spending need. In fact, you might even find a card that offers access and perks just for being a cardholder — without needing to make any purchases! If there are certain benefits and rewards you want, it pays to sign up and at least carry it in the wallet.

RewardsCreditCards.org brings pertinent information and cardholder experiences right to your fingertips – don’t waste time searching the Internet for all the details on your own, browse through the various categories and compare rewards credit cards until you find something that suits your needs!

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