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Rewards credit cards for winter holiday spending


As the year draws close to its end we’re all anxiously awaiting the upcoming holiday season. Starting off with Thanksgiving all the way up to the New Year, we’re all looking for ways to save big on holiday spending. On average, the American shopper spends USD 1,500 around the holiday season! If you’re one who enjoys shopping and holiday spending then why not opt for a rewards credit card that will not only save you money but also comes with perks?

Top Three Rewards Credit Cards for Holiday Spending

Our list of top three credit cards boils down to Citi Simplicity Visa Card, American Express and Chase Amazon.com. These cards were shortlisted from a much larger list based on the criterion of banks that permit the existing debt that people have on their current credit cards to be transferred to their new card. This also allows the consumers to save some money when they switch from a card with a high interest rate to a card with a lower interest rate. Before you start your holiday spending routine, take a look at our top three credit cards for the holidays.

City Simplicity Visa Card

The City Simplicity Visa Card does not charge its customers any annual fees, penalty fees or late fees. However, this card’s hallmark feature is that it is interest free for the initial 18 months on both new purchases and balance transfers. This offers much needed assistance to anyone who is trying to get out of their accumulated debt.

American Express

The American Express (AMEX) Costco True Earnings Business Card offers no interest rate for the first 6 months on new purchases under 0% APR. Evident from these numbers, potential customers can already guess that this package is more than just satisfactory for them if they can pay it back. AMEX makes it easy for customers who are looking to make bigger purchases and holiday spending because they have plenty of time to pay it back.

Chase Amazon.com

Amazon.com is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of online shopping. This rewards credit card was added to our list for this very purpose. Those of you who would rather shop online and have your holiday gifts delivered to your doorstep can opt for Chase Amazon.com Rewards Visa Card. This credit card has no annual fee attached to it. If you enjoy shopping year throughout the whole year then this is the most ideal card for you. You can save up points all year to indulge in holiday spending at the end!

Why worry about cutting out coupons from when you have a better alternative in these credit cards? Open up a new account with one of these rewards credit cards before it is too late. Happy Holidays!

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