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TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card | Relish Loads Of Complimentary Benefits?


Shopping with the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card makes it simple to rack up loads of First Class miles. In fact, you get 15,000 the first time you ever wave or slide it. Then, if you make at least $3000 in purchases within the first six months, you automatically get 10,000 more. Further, you earn triple First Class miles every time you make dining and traveling purchases. You get another 1 point for each dollar you spend on all other purchases. There’s never any earning cap, blackout dates or expiration dates to be concerned about. You’re able to redeem your First Class miles for cash back on your statements, gift cards, travel breaks and even merchandise. You’ll also be encouraged to enjoy VIP treatment at more than 800 worldwide luxury hotels and resorts.

APR for the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card

For the first 18 months of owning your TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card, there will be a 0% APR on balance transfers. After that, there will be a variable APR set at 13.24%. The $89 yearly fee is waved for the first year. Of course, cardholders get to enjoy the entire suite of Visa Signature benefits and features including the very helpful 24/7 Concierge services (to be discussed further below). There’s a minimum $5000 credit limit for every account granted, and that should tell you about the type of credit merit you need to have in order to get approved. Excellent or better.

TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card Concierge Services

The Concierge Services that are stock with the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card convert many prospective members. This attractive benefit is complimentary and designed to make your busy life simpler and more effective. You can call the friendly concierge pros 24/7/365 at 888-647-9066 and have them assist you with things like:

  • Making and confirming lunch, dinner and/or entertainment reservations;
  • Shopping for, wrapping and delivering the perfect gift to impress a client;
  • Purchasing travel tickets for you;
  • Providing information about locations you may be traveling to;
  • Reserving tee-off times at prestigious golf courses;
  • and a lot more…

Other Complimentary Benefits of the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card

Being a Visa Signature card means that there’s loads of upscale perks and deals attached. In fact, it’s uncanny how many offers are available exclusively to Visa Signature cardholders. Let’s take a quick look at some of the more in-demand ones.

You’ll have constant availability to the Visa customer care reps that will be happy to cancel a lost or stolen card. In addition, they will be thrilled to help you get a new card issued right away, and provide you with emergency cash advance assistance too. It’s nice knowing that, even if your card does very unfortunately come up missing, you can make a quick call to caring professionals and have it taken care of.

Further, if you are too late to prevent unauthorized transactions from being initiated on a stolen or lost card, you’re covered with a standard 0-Liability coverage clause. You will not incur any charges or be liable in any way for unauthorized, fraudulent transactions. To make you more secure, there’s also Purchase Protection insurance in place with your TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card. If an item you purchase with the card is damaged by fire, water or certain other forces, you’re covered. Or if the item happens to get stolen, you are likewise safe from loss. You can be fully reimbursed for eligible purchases, as long as it is with 90 days from the date of sale. This benefit works in conjunction with the Warranty Manager Service which tracks your purchases, their dates and all warranty info that applies to each. And don’t forget about Warranty Extension which doubles all US-issued warranties for up to an additional year.

As you might expect, the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card also comes standard with a suite of transportation benefits. People who travel a lot, either domestically or internationally, know the value of these Visa Signature services. For instance, there’s an automatic Lost Luggage Reimbursement benefit that kicks in every time you use the card to purchase common carrier travel services. You don’t have to do a thing. It’s there, in place, serving you passively. Nice as pie.

If no luggage is involved and you’re just cruising the streets near home – and then you have a blow-out! No worries, Visa Signature provides emergency roadside assistance that can really save you money, especially if you end up needing an automobile towed. It’s relaxing to know that you’re covered if you run out of fuel on a dark country road, or if you break your ignition key off in the trunk lock. Locksmiths and towing services are not cheap.

There’s also automatic coverage in place for taking care of you and your traveling groups. When you use your TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card to book traveling arrangements for you and a group, you’re all covered with Visa Signature Traveler’s Accident Insurance. That means that a secondary insurance coverage kicks n to make life as good as it can be in the event of tragedy. Even if death occurs, Visa will be there to help make sure everyone gets back home safely and as quickly as possible. There’s really too many benefits to go over here. Feel free to look at the website directly for full details.

This card is solid, established, widely respected and loved by its cardholders. And it should be, just like all Visa Signature cards. The “Signature” implies excellence in service, and versatility in features and benefits. Low rates, great service, loads of complimentary benefits and so many other perks make the TD Bank TD First Class Visa Signature Credit Card one of the most attractive available. If you think your credit history merits approval, then waste no time applying.


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