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TD Bank


TD Bank claims it’s America’s most convenient bank, and is ranked as one of the 10 largest banking institutions in the U. S. The bank was founded in Portland, Maine in 1852. Today, TD Bank has branches are found mainly in the East, from Florida to Maine. TD Bank provides a variety of banking and investing options for consumers, and a variety of TD Bank credit cards.

Types of TD Bank Credit Cards

TD Bank provides a variety of credit card options for consumers:

• TD Easy Rewards Visa credit card
TD Cash Rewards Visa card
• TD First-Class Visa

The perks and benefits offered by each of these cards vary. For example, the TD Easy Rewards card enables you to earn rewards five times faster, while the TD Cash Rewards card offers more actual cash back. The TD First-Class card offers consumers three times the miles on travel and dining purchases.


Benefits associated with each of the TD Bank credit cards depend on the card. For example, the Easy Rewards card offers five times the reward points on eligible purchase during the first six months, and then one point for every dollar spent any time. The Cash Rewards credit card offers a 5% cashback on all eligible purchases within the first six months, and in addition, enables cardholders to earn 1% for every dollar they spend anywhere and anytime. Finally, the TD First-Class offers a miles program, with consumers having the option to earn 15,000 bonus miles with the first purchase, and being rewarded with an additional 10,000 bonus first-class miles after expenditures totaling $3,000 during the first six months.

A variety of redemption options are available with all of the TD Bank credit cards, including cash back, statement credits, gift cards, travel rewards, and merchandise. The TD First-Class Visa is the only one that enables you to redeem miles and statement credits, or you can opt to use your miles for gift cards as well as merchandise purchases.

Because these cards are offered by Visa, you get the protection offered by Visa cardholders, including auto rental collision damage waivers, emergency card replacement, and Visa zero dollar liability.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Annual percentage rates and fees attached to TD Bank credit cards range between 9.24% and 23.2% for the TD Easy Rewards and Cash Rewards cards. The TD First-Class card offers a 13.24% APR. All three cards offer introductory 0% APR is on balance transfers for the first he 18 months following the account opening.

Annual Fees

Two out of the three TD Bank credit cards don’t have annual fees – the TD Easy Rewards Visa and the TD Cash Rewards Visa. The TD First-Class Visa comes with an $89 annual fee, although the fee for your first year will be waived. Before choosing TD Bank credit cards, compare them side by side, and then determine which card will meet your needs based on minimum credit lines, rewards, fees, and redemption options.

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