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TD Easy Rewards Credit Card Review – Rewards the New Customer?


As you search for the best rewards cards online, you will find that many rewards cards stand out from the rest. TD Easy Rewards Credit Card is one of those offers. When you sign up for this rewards card, you will receive 1 point for every dollar you spend on goods and services. That means you will receive rewards each time you use this card to purchase groceries, fuel, pay your telecommunications bills and more. No matter what you use this card for, you will be rewarded. To sweeten the deal even more, TD Bank has agreed to give new clients 5 times the rewards points during the first 6 months that they utilize this card. If you thought this credit offer couldn’t get any better, you are wrong. TD also gives new cardholders 0% interest during the first 6 months of having this TD Easy Rewards Credit Card.

Top Reasons to Select the TD Easy Rewards Credit Card

  • No blackouts or restrictions on reward redemption
  • 0% APR for the first 6 months
  • 9.24%-23.24% APR after the intro period
  • 5x rewards points for the first 6 months
  • Earn 1 point for every dollar spent after the first 6 months
  • No annual fee
  • Rewards can be redeemed starting at just 2,500 points
  • Round trip flights only start at 25,000 rewards points
  • Hotels and Automobile accommodations can be acquired starting at 15,000 points
  • The power and prestige of holding a Visa card
  • Visa signature benefits – Special offers and rewards just having a Visa in your wallet

The Best Uses for the TD Easy Rewards Credit Card

Getting a new credit card like the TD Easy Rewards Credit Card is a monumental financial decision for most consumers. Your good credit is a reflection of your character and signing up for a new rewards based credit card like this one can be advantageous to your financial future if you use it correctly. TD Bank recommends that you use this credit card to as main credit line to pay all of your monthly recurring bills. Since your bills will automatically be setup to recur each month, you should have the same amount due each and every month. The best way to make this rewards card work for you is to pay off that balance each month. Since you were already paying your bills using your checking account, this change shouldn’t hurt your financial status. In fact, when you factor in all of the rewards you will be earning, this card will help out your financial future and while rewarding you for being a good steward of your credit.

Alternatively, you can use this TD Easy Rewards Credit Card to make a purchase that you’ve always wanted to make such as using the card for a vacation, a new living room set or to consolidate your other credit card debt. The advantage with this is that you are basically given 6 months to pay off the item you bought without incurring any interest charges. The disadvantage is that if you make any of these purchases, you will probably need the full 6 months to pay off the balance therefore if you aren’t using this card constantly; you aren’t getting the 5x rewards points.

Additional Advantages of Holding this Credit Card

  • This is a Visa card – It is accepted all almost any retailer all around the world
  • Rewards: You get to choose from over 400 rewards offers.
  • $0 Liability for any fraudulent charges
  • Emergency card replacement service
  • Emergency cash service – If your card is lost and you need money now.
  • Free auto insurance on cars that you rent

About TD and this Credit Card

TD Bank is related to TD Ameritrade and this Visa card is meant for those with average or better than average credit. TD knows that you’ve worked hard to keep your credit in good standing. TD Bank felt it necessary to reward you for your good financial health. If your credit rating is extremely high, you will probably qualify for the low end of the spectrum in regards to your permanent APR on this card. If your credit rating is average, you may still qualify for this card; you just may qualify for a higher interest rate or a lower credit limit. It is important to note that there are two versions of this card. There is a platinum version of this card which signifies that your credit line is less than $5,000. The signature version of this card indicates that your credit line is above $5,000. Your credit line is determined by your credit rating and those with lower credit ratings will receive lower credit lines and those with higher credit ratings can receive higher credit limits based on their current income and other factors.

Get Rewarded Easily

In addition to earning five times as many points during your first 6 months of holding this TD Easy Rewards Credit Card, TD Bank and Visa have teamed up to make the rewards process simple and easy. The issuers of this card guarantee that there are no blackout dates, excessive restrictions or unnecessary fees for redeeming your reward points. What are some of the things you can redeem your rewards points on? Probably things you would want to buy anyways. The current rewards store offers:

  • Jewelry
  • MP3 Players and iPods
  • Garmin GPS Systems
  • Coffee Makers
  • Daily Deals
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash Back for Rewards Points
  • Daily Deals
  • Lifestyle Products
  • Flight Vouchers
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Pet Items
  • Automobile Rentals
  • And Much More

The TD Easy Rewards Credit Card Store is a public website which means you are able to get a preview of the rewards offered before signing up.

The TD Easy Rewards Credit Card could be the last credit offer you decide to sign up for because the terms and rewards guaranteed with this offer are quite competitive when you do a side by side comparison of other rewards based credit cards. TD Bank refers to itself as “America’s Most Convenient Bank” and they are certainly earning their title by producing such an enticing Visa rewards card. If you are interested in signing up for the TD Easy Rewards Credit Card, please proceed to the credit application page for this offer.

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