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The Amazon.com Business Rewards Card: Rotten or Rewarding?


Are your fingers itching to complete that registration form for the Amazon.com Business Rewards Card? They certainly do an excellent job of promoting this card and you can’t really shop on Amazon without being reminded this grand opportunity is yours for the taking. Well, before you take to the keyboard to sign yourself up take some time to examine the positives and negatives attached to this credit card.

Why Should the Amazon.com Business Rewards Card be in Your Wallet?

The company offers a $30 savings upon completion of the credit application, which isn’t awful but it’s not like it’s the deal of the century or even of the decade. The rewards they offer are not all that enticing either. You receive 3% back at Amazon.com, 2% percent at gas stations, on dining and at pharmacies and 1% back on all other items you buy with the Amazon.com Business Rewards Card. That’s nothing to start jumping up and down about. For instance, the percentage awarded to you as a perk is implemented through a point system with each point being equivalent to one cent. So count it up, you must have 100 points to even have $1 of purchasing power. That is not blowing the other cards out of the water. Especially when other companies are offering 2% returned to you off anything you buy.

Limitations on Rewards With the Amazon.com Business Rewards Card

That’s another thing. Amazon is pretty stingy with what you can procure with your points. The company clearly states there are many items it offers no discount from the rewards program on such as certain electronics or even certain Kindle downloads. What is the point if you cannot shop freely? That’s not being rewarded as a loyal customer.

There’s Other Cards Out There That Provide a Larger Discount on Amazon Items

If you want to receive as much as 5% in perks to shop on Amazon, the card you should be applying for is the Chase Ink Cash Business Credit Card. It comes with no annual charge and provides 5% cash back as long as you don’t spend more than $25,000 in a single year and the relevant classifications of purchases to obtain this bonus. One such member of this program happens to be Staples. They sell gift cards there to use for Amazon, so why would you not take advantage of buying one there and going on a shopping trip with that card? You’ll be saving more money that way. So don’t be lured in by your penchant for purchasing on Amazon. Using other cards for the very same reason will put more in your pocket than the Amazon.com Business Rewards Card.


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