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The Overtons Credit Card


Review Of The Overtons Credit Card

Overtons, in collaboration with Comenity Bank, is offering a credit card that lets you collect reward points for future shopping at the water sports retailer. Unlike other store credit cards that come with several restrictions, this credit card is powered by MasterCard, which makes it widely acceptable. Remember, if you are planning to sign up for a new credit card, always select one that is widely accepted, and the Overtons credit card meets that requirement.

So what are the rewards associated with Overtons credit card?

Shopping At Overtons And Gander Mountain

The most attractive offers that comes with the card is that you can earn three reward points against every dollar you spend with the Overtons credit card at the Overtons store and the Gander Mountain, which is the parent organization of Overtons. Even better, you can get 5 reward points per dollar if you use the credit card regularly and charge it for more than $10,000 in shopping.

Gas And Grocery Purchase

Thanks to MasterCard, with the Overtons credit card, you can earn rewards by shopping at other places. This offer is unlike the offers of other retailers that restrict you to shop at their outlets only. You can earn two points against every dollar you spend on gas and grocery besides earning one point per dollar against all other purchases you charge to the credit card.

Rewards Certificate

You can also get a rewards certificate every time you arrive at the 2,000 rewards point threshold. You can then redeem the certificate on shopping or get discount on future purchases. However, you can redeem the certificate at Overtons store only.

Bonus And Security

The Overtons credit card also comes with a $60 rewards certificate when you sign up and charge the initial $500 in purchases on the card during the first 3 months after sign up. This credit card is highly secured and backed by MasterCard’s security protocols, meaning that there is no chance for credit card skimming or any other fraud.

Annual Fee And Interest Rate

Overtons comes with zero annual fee. The interest rate is variable, and depending on your credit score, you can get somewhere between 16.99 percent to 24.99 percent interest rate.

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