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The Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card – Is It The Only Way To Fly?


The Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card from GE Capital Retail Bank is a gas card for the private pilot who wishes to keep their expenses separated and enjoy some modest rewards. Use it at Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs) to purchase aviation fuel and at participating Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 automotive gas station locations. If approved, it also gives you the ability to draw cash at ATMs.

Private pilots know all too well that aviation is an expensive hobby and method of transportation. It can be very useful to have a fuel card to keep the cost of flight separate from your other travel expenses and purchases. You get the added utility of using the Phillip 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card in combination with the WingPoints Rewards Program to get extra benefits and rewards throughout the year. You can redeem points as pre-paid debit cards, gift cards or donate to charity. The awarding of points is from participating Phillips 66 Aviation FBOs and must be approved by GE Capital Retail Bank, who underwrite the card.

GE Capital Private Label Credit Cards

If you decide to apply for the GE Capital Retail Bank Phillips 66 – Conoco 76 – Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card the one thing that you most need to know is that you will be dealing with GE Capital Retail Bank and not Phillips 66. GE Capital is one of the largest providers of store and private label credit cards in the United States. They are a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric, who have been in the personal financial services business for many years. They are not to be confused with GE Capital Bank, which is another subsidiary of General Electric and a completely separate entity.

Aviation fuel is not the only product that will earn rewards on this card. You can also use your Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card to purchase gasoline for your auto at Phillips 66, 76 and Conoco gas stations and that will also earn rewards for you. Drive Savvy Rewards are earned on personal credit card accounts for the purchase of automotive fuel.

What Is On The Pre-Flight Checklist

There’s no annual fee with the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card but the APR is comparatively high. Rewards come in several varieties. You get Fly Savvy Rewards for aviation fuel purchases and Drive Savvy Rewards for gasoline purchases. When you’ve signed up for a separate membership in the WingPoint Rewards Program you can use both together as an added benefit.

There is a maximum limit of $99 worth of Fly Savvy Rewards that you can earn on the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card in any 12 month period. However, you earn 10 WingPoints Rewards points with each gallon of fuel you purchase. That could add up quickly for even a small single-engine aircraft. Special offers such as triple points or rebate to charity donations come and go. You have to check their website at the time of application for the current offer.

As a private label credit card the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card is accepted at 880 Phillips 66 FBOs in the US. It’s also accepted at thousands of Phillips 66, Conoco and 76 gas stations throughout the country.

As with many other modern cards the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card has an online account management website, where you can view transactions and pay your Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card bills. They will allow you to use the card at ATMs for cash nationwide, subject to credit approval and transaction fees. The cost of using it at an ATM could make this a very expensive habit.

Use The Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card For Flying Expenses and Earn Rewards

The Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card is an expensive card, if you are going to carry a balance the APR is at 26.99% and at 29.99% for cash advances. On most cards these are the type of rates you pay as a penalty when you have missed a payment! So it’s expensive but if you pay the balance every month when payment is due you could conceivably enjoy the benefits and rewards of the card without charge. A tank of fuel for a light aircraft such as a Cessna 180 will be quite a bit more than a tank of gas for your average full size car, as any private pilot knows. So it helps to have a card specifically for the purpose of charging fuel.

GE Capital Retail Bank is not known for its customer service. They are a very large actor in the retail private label card arena. Many of the store cards available are actually managed and funded by GE Capital Retail Bank. From Amazon.com store card to World Market Credit Card, they are the force in control. There isn’t anything particularly enticing that the Phillips 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card offer’s as rewards that couldn’t be matched elsewhere. If you use another card or pay cash you are still able to use the WingPoints Rewards Card, as that is a separate program.

Being an aviator is not a cheap activity, even a single engine plane will run through a tank of fuel very rapidly. A Cessna Skyhawk will chug down 50 to 80 gallons of fuel in a day of flying. If you have to travel to where you keep your airplane parked any significant distance by car then you may need a tank of gas for that too. These expenses can be kept apart from your other costs, personal and business spending by putting them onto the Phillip 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card. Used in combination with your WingPoints Card they can give back some of what you’ve spent. However, the $99 annual limit to rewards and and the high APR along with other fees mean that it’s not a great card for long term spending.

Having GE Capital Retail Bank as an underwriter and manager doesn’t do much to improve the image of this card. There are the few practical features to the card but it’s not on the same level as many of the big name charge and credit cards. Unless you are just charging fuel, enjoying the rewards and keeping your flying hobby separate from the other expenses of your life, keep shopping around. As a private aviator, it’s very likely that you can do better than the Phillip 66 Aviation Personal Credit Card.

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