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The Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card


Review Of The Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card

Pottery Barn is an excellent store to shop for home furniture. However, the products are expensive, so availing the store’s reward program would be a wise choice. The Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card is a flagship credit card of the store that offers customers some appealing rewards, and if you have chosen this credit card, you have made a good choice.

What Are The Benefits?

The Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card comes with attractive benefits, including a 12-month-long special financing or 10 percent cash back. If you are a regular user of the reward card, you can even avail the company’s special, frequent offers. Like many other credit cards, the Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card can be managed online. You can view your transaction, transfer funds, update your personal details and pay online.

Where You Can Use The Card?

You can use the Pottery Barn Kids Credit card at the following places:

  • Any branch of the Pottery Barn store
  • Pottery Barn Bed and Bath
  • Pottery Barn Kids
  • PBteen store
  • Pottery Barn catalog
  • Pottery Barn website

Reward Points

For every dollar you spend with the Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card, you earn one point, and upon spending $250 at Pottery Barns, you will get a rewards certificate of $25 that can be redeemed at any branch of the Pottery Barn store or the catalog and website. You can redeem the certificate for any merchandise. The $25 in rewards over $250 expenditure means that you are getting 10 percent cash back on your purchases.

If you charge more than $750 to the Pottery Barn Kids Credit Card, you get the option of choosing between promotional financing and rewards. When it comes to the reward certificates, they are issued with your monthly statement, and the catch is to redeem them within 180 days of their issuance. Moreover, you cannot sell or transfer reward certificates, and they cannot be replaced if lost.

The Good News And The Bad News

The good news is that this credit card comes with zero annual fees, and the bad news is that it is not powered by major payment gateways like Visa, Discover, AmEx or MasterCard. You cannot use this credit card at other places except Pottery Barn stores; however, the card is good on security because it cannot be used elsewhere. The APR on the card is quite high, currently standing at 22.80 percent, making it a bad option to carry balance.

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