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The Restoration Hardware Credit Card


Review Of The Restoration Hardware Credit Card

The Restoration Hardware has introduced a credit card for customers to earn rewards on purchases at the company’s stores and galleries. If you sign up for the Restoration Hardware Credit Card, you can collect reward points that you can use to redeem on future purchases and get discount on large items.

The Rewards

The Restoration Hardware has perfectly fine-tuned its credit card rewards to the requirements of those customers who expend a decent amount of their income at the company’s stores and galleries. The good news for cardholders is that every time you charge purchases at the Restoration Hardware to this card, you earn rewards points for it.

For each $1 you charge to the Restoration Hardware credit card, you earn one point, and when you finally collect 500 reward points, you get $25 rewards certificate. You can redeem this certificate on further purchases at the company outlets. This certificate works just like a gift certificate. In other words, the rewards are equal to 5 percent credit.

To qualify for the rewards, however, you are required to spend at least $1,000 with the credit card. You can even redeem the certificate at the Restoration Hardware Baby and Child outlets. Remember, the rewards you get with this credit card are comparatively greater than most other store credit cards.

The Restoration Hardware credit card does not charge you any annual fee. On top of that, you get to enjoy a yearlong special financing for purchase of large items at the company outlets.

When it comes to the APR, it is as high as other store credit cards. Currently, it is standing at 24.99 percent. To avoid this higher APR, you should use the card to only earn rewards and repay the credit on time every month.

Purchase Financing

If you are a Restoration Hardware credit card holder, you can take benefit of the special financing option. You can qualify for special financing for purchases amounting over $1,000; however, your application would need approval. You can use the deferred interest option if you want to repay your purchases within a year.

However, you have to be careful with the special financing because if you are unable to make a payment or fail to pay the amount completely within a year, you can be subject to retroactive interest of 24.99 percent that would be applicable from the day on which you made your purchase. The second option is called equal payment, which will be extended over a 12-months period at 9.99 percent APR.

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