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Toggle your way to commerce bank credit cards



The Commerce Bank is offering a unique feature with its credit cards, know as Toggle. It is a flexible payment feature that is offered free of cost with every Commerce Bank credit card. This new feature allows you to connect your checking account to a Commerce card, so that you can pay for different purchases according to your preferences. The payments will be directly compensated from your checking accounts.


The Toggle payment feature offers Pay Now, Pay Later, and Unwind facilities for all your purchases with just one card. With the Pay Now facility, you can specify the type of purchase that can be paid directly from your checking account, when you purchase something from your Commerce Bank credit card. The Pay Later attribute gives you the flexibility of using your card normally, like you use your other credit cards. It comprises of all card purchases that you don’t specify in the Pay Now option. And, the Unwind facility enables you to transfer a specific Pay Now purchase to your account, so that you can Pay Later for it. Like the Pay Later purchases, interest will be charged on Unwind purchases also.

Getting started with Toggle

If you have a Commerce Bank credit card and an eligible checking account, then you can avail the Toggle feature. Make sure that your checking account is open and is in a good standing condition. You can either visit a Commerce Bank branch or log on to their online website to enroll this feature. After signing up, you will link your eligible checking account to your card. After that, you will be asked to specify which card purchases you want to Pay Now from your checking account and which ones you want to Pay Later. For instance, if you specify all your gas purchases for the Pay Now facility, then whenever you will make a gas purchase with your Commerce card, your payment will be made directly from your linked checking account.


You can link a maximum of two checking accounts to your Commerce Bank credit card. Your checking account can be of Commerce Bank or other financial institutions. Furthermore, if the primary or co applicant of the card does not own the linked checking account, then also they can access the Toggle feature. They can view and modify the Pay Now facility according to their own preferences. The payment is made within 2 days of your Pay Now purchase.


The whole process for getting the Toggle payment feature only takes a few minutes. It is totally free of cost, that is, no additional fee is charged for adding this feature to your Commerce Bank credit card. You will also earn rewards with your Commerce Bank rewards credit cards, no matter whether you choose Pay Now or Pay Later facility.


So, what are you waiting for? Just try the new Toggle feature for your Commerce Bank credit card.

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