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U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card | Like Bugs In Your Teeth?


The U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card is an solid card option for anyone who owns a Harley, would like to own a Harley or even just likes the brand. It allows cardholders to earn triple points for all purchases from Harley-Davidson dealerships. It also allots 2 points for every dollar spent on gasoline, hotel rooms, restaurants and even bars. And on all other net purchases, you’ll get 1 point per dollar spent.

So, what’s a point worth anyway? Well, it’s worth a penny, as long as it’s spent at a Harley dealer for motorcycles, accessories, clothing and/or other gear. You get $25 for every 2500 points you rack up on your U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card. You may also receive $10 Harley Chrome Cash certificates. You should note that US Bank clearly states that there are certain merchants, like some fast food restaurants, where your purchases will not accumulate any rewards points.

Additionally, you will receive no points on your U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card for any of the following transaction types:

  • Cash Advances
  • Interest Charges
  • Balance Transfers
  • Convenience Checks
  • Fees

So, I’m just thinking: If I use my card to make a $1000 purchase, at a Harley dealer, then I get 3000 points. 3000 points equals thirty dollars. Thirty dollars is 3% of $1000. That means that at the best rewards level, the U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card awards you a 3% discount if you patronize Harley dealers. Now for me, if I go and spend $1000 at any dealer, I would expect them to kick me a steeper discount than that just because. So I guess I’m not overly thrilled with this rewards structure, but I guess that 3% is 3%, especially if you are going to make a given purchase anyway.

The points you accumulate on your U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card are officially called “Harley-Davidson® Genuine Rewards”. They come with a 3-year expiration date attached. The Harley Chrome® Cash $10 certificates expire after just 180 days.

There are some other cool benefits that come passively with the U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card. For instance, your family and you will be automatically covered against death and/or dismemberment while traveling. Besides up to $1,000,000 Travel Accident Insurance, you’ll also enjoy Roadside Dispatch services, Visa Signature Concierge services, premium offers, special dining privileges and more.

Another perk that has cardholders hoping is that you can win a brand new Harley every month in a random cardholder drawing. If you are accepted for the U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card, you’ll also enjoy no annual fee associated with it. Zero Fraud Liability coverage is intact. Fraud and ID Theft Protection services are also yours for free. There’s also a Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver in effect for every cardholder. Add in Online Banking services and Automatic Bill Pay and you have a card that helps you take care of business – or just helps you to enjoy those long, lazy road trips on your bike.

There’s not a preset credit limit on your new U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card. Instead you get a Revolve Limit credit account which allows you to carry over a part of your current balance to the next statement. Each time you attempt to initiate a transaction that is in excess of your assigned credit limit, your account is scrutinized based on your general credit history, your performance with this card, income verification and other factors including liquid assets. The purchase will be approved, or not. However, this No Preset Spending Limit is still an attractive enticement for many.

You have the option of requesting your point credits whenever you wish. Harley Genuine Rewards point redemption cards are not mailed out automatically. Because people want cards of differing values, US Bank has decided to mail out redemption cards only to those who request them. They are available in any amount as long as it is an increment of $25. Requesting a gift card to be mailed will require a 1 to 2-week wait. However, if you need or want to use your rewards points on the spot, you can call the customer care reps at 800-699-2281 and have your rewards credit gift card emailed to you within just a minute or two. Pretty cool.

Harley Chrome Cash certificates are not able to be used online. However, you can redeem your Genuine Rewards points online at the website. This card is going to continue to do well for two main reasons: 1) Harley Davidson motorcycles are a solid American classic. They will be selling hot for decades to come, at least. 2) US Bank provides customer care that makes their cardholders feel valued. Some credit card companies, that rake in millions and millions in profits every year, treat their cardholders like they mean nothing; like they are expendable in a huge credit realm that’s all too happy to just swallow them up.

Fees & Rates for the U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card

  • Purchase APR: between 13.99% and 22.99%, based on your credit rating;
  • Balance Transfers APRs are the same as the purchase APRs;
  • Cash Advance APR: 23.99%;
  • Penalty APR: 29.99%;

Fee Schedule

  • Minimum interest charge is $2;
  • No annual fee;
  • Balance transfers are $5 or 3% of the amount transferred, whichever is more;
  • Convenience Cash Advances cost $5 or 3%;
  • ATM Cash Advances cost $10 or 3%;
  • Cash Equivalent Advances cost $10 or 4%;
  • Foreign Transactions cost 2% of the amount in US dollars;
  • Late and Returned Payments cost up to $35 per incident;

For everyone who likes buggy teeth and the freedom of cruisin’ on a Harley, the U.S. Bank Harley Davidson Signature Visa Card is waiting to ride with you. Its low fee schedule and no annual fee make it attractive even without the association to some of the world’s coolest motorcycles. Harley aside though, this credit card is more generous than most others.

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