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UMB Bank Credit Cards


UMB Bank provides a variety of personal, small business as well as commercial and institutional banking services and options for consumers. The bank provides a number of UMB bank credit cards and options. Its most popular, the UMD Visa Platinum Simply Rewards card, for example, provided not only the ability to customize your rewards, but offers one of the easiest programs when it comes to redemption.

Types of UMB Bank Credit Cards

UMB Bank provides a variety of credit cards including:

• UMB Branded Visa card (such as the UMD Visa Platinum Simply Rewards card)
• Non-branded UMB Visa card
• Boy Scouts of America Discover credit card
Dynamics ePlate Visa credit card
• Gas credit cards
• Orscheln credit card

Each of these UMB Bank credit cards comes with a variety of perks and benefits, as well as rewards program stipulations, options, and redemption options. Redeeming points is easy with this banking institution, offering user-friendly information on the accrual and redemption options that comes with each card.


Benefits associated with UMB Bank credit cards depend on the type of credit card you’ve chosen. For example, the Dynamics ePlate credit card provides a variety of benefits including the option to choose the type of rewards that are preferred. This ability to customize is becoming increasingly popular and welcome when it comes to reward credit cards. This card enables cardholders to choose options for how they want to accrue points for rewards at the point-of-sale. From cash back to air dollars, the rewards attached to this card are nearly limitless.

The ability to design your credit card is also a perk, giving consumers the option to download family photos, of pets, kids, a favorite vacation spot or even hobbies.

The UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card enables a cardholder to earn up to two points for every dollar you spend on groceries, gas, and even discount stores. You’ll earn one point for every dollar spent everywhere else, as well as on balance transfers. UMB Bank offers a catalog of rewards that are available for redemption, but range anywhere from credits back to your account to travel rewards and merchandise.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Annual percentage rates and fees depend on the type of UMB Bank credit cards you’re looking at. For example, interest rates and fees attached to the UMB Branded Visa credit card depend on credit history, but APRs on this card are between 11.99% and 15.99%. The annual percentage rate for the Dynamics ePlate Visa credit card averages between 13.99% and 17.99%, while the Boy Scouts of America Discover credit card have a flat 13.99% APR.

Annual Fees

Annual fees for UMB Bank credit cards depend on the credit card. For example, the Boy Scouts of America Discover credit card does not have an annual fee and nor does the Dynamics ePlate Visa credit card. The gas credit cards offered by UMB Bank credit cards charge a flat 18% annual percentage rate. Comparison-shopping is important when determining which UMB Bank credit cards will best meet your needs and expenditures.

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