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UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card – Will UMB Impressed?


The UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card is brought to you by both Visa and UMB Bank. This card comes in two options, the standard version and the eco friendly version. Both cards offer great rewards to their cardholders, but the eco (and therefore flagship) version of the credit rewards card brings a whole new dimension to living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. You will get the same great rewards for both cards, but the Eco Rewards credit card will reward the eco friendly choices that you make.

What are the rewards on the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card?

One of the unique features of the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card is the fact that card holders can earn double points for interest fees. Yes, that means that all UMB cardholders can earn a standard 1 point for every $1 spent on purchases, but for every dollar of interest you are charged, you can get 2 whole points. As points are usually offered on this type of credit card, it takes a lot to surprise the avid reward card follower, but getting rewarded (doubly!) for interest fees is simply unanticipated. As another standard, cardholders can earn 1 point on balance transfers and there is an opening bonus point balance of 1,000 bonus points when you make your first purchase within 60 days of opening your account.

With the Eco Rewards version of this card, cardholders can earn additional points on all qualified purchases that are deemed as environmentally friendly, such as purchasing ENERGY STAR products, Green Seal products, EPA WaterSense labelled products, FSC products and many more. Eco friendly purchases can range from as small as energy saving light bulbs to as large as energy efficient appliances. Cardholders will need to complete an added online process to be able to claim double points on the eco rewards purchases.

Points can be redeemed for account credits, cash, gift cards, travel credit card benefits, merchandise and more and they can now be converted into donations for a variety of local and national environmental organizations and charities, some of which include:

Bridging the Gap (Kansas City, Mo.), the Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver, Colo.), Forest Stewardship Council (Reston, Va.), The Open Council for the St. Louis Region (St. Louis, Mo.), James River Basin (Springfield, Mo.) and Rocky Mountain Institute (Denver, Colo.).

This is a great feature for the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card and one which is hard to come by, especially when you are dealing with the larger banking companies, so not only can you do a little bit for the environment, but you can give back to the world by donating to some worthwhile causes.

What are the special features?

With the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card you can design your own card. Fully customizable, you can create an image via the credit cards main page or you can simply upload your own image to create a card that will be unique to you. Cardholders have the option to try the demo software to get a feel for it and to see how it works.

So what are the standard features on the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card?

Credit cards have a set of standard features that you can see in the majority of cards and that are offered as standard by the issuer. The standard features for the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card are:

  • No annual fee
  • Lower fees for international purchases
  • Introductory 0% APR on purchases for the first 6 months
  • Standard APR of 10.99%
  • No over-credit limit charge
  • 2% foreign transaction fee
  • All applications and statements are produced electronically to uphold the eco friendly ethos, so any required print materials will be produced with recycled paper

Is the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card worth my time?

On the face of it, the rewards offered by the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card won’t rival any of its competitors and doesn’t really give you anything special for what it is. There is no annual fee, but many rewards cards have this feature already. The eco rewards version will let you make a difference to the planet with every purchase, but again it won’t rival its competitors. The option to donate your points balance in cash to a number of selected charities is a nice feature, but maybe not nice enough to warrant the decision to sign up.

The hard-to-navigate website doesn’t ‘t hold much information, so the trust that cardholders get from signing up with banking giants such as Barclays or Citi simply doesn’t seem to be there with UMB Bank. Even taking a detour to UMB’s home page didn’t clear matters up either and that makes us worry about the kind of customer service that is likely to be on offer for those of us outside of UMB’s local area. In the highly competitive credit card market, the UMB Visa Platinum Simply Rewards credit card just simply doesn’t stand up to any other of the credit rewards cards that are available, eco aware or otherwise.

Also on the down side, all points expire after exactly one year which is yet another less than competitive feature of this card. Rewards points cannot be used as payment on any of your UMB accounts or as payments for any of its affiliates, and are also not transferable unless the card is lost or stolen.

In our professional opinion is find another card that will not just offer you more, but one that will be clearer on the details from the outset.

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