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Union Bank American Express Card | Is This AmEx Card For You?


Buying gasoline is just a little less painful when you pay with the Union Bank American Express Card. Gas and grocery purchases with this card yield a smooth 2% cash back. All other purchases you make will earn you 1% cash back. There are no limits to the number of cash back you can earn, and your credit never expires. My family spends about $50 on gas and $100 on food every week. So, that’s just about 3 dollars per week saved on those two purchase types. Add in the rest of what we spend, assuming we used this card for all purchases, and my family could save about $5 weekly with this card. So what about your family? How much would you save?

With better-than-average APRs that range between 13.99% and 19.99%, the Union Bank American Express Card doesn’t go off the deep end, like so many other cards do, when it comes to its fees and interest schedule. Also, there is a promotional offer of a 0% APR on balance transfers and purchases for the first year of card ownership. I commonly research cards that advertise general purchase APRs of 26% and higher. It’s like so many of the credit card issuing companies go just as far as they can without breaking usury laws.

Of course the thing is that in order to get a card like the Union Bank American Express Card, you’re going to have to have some pretty impressive credit history. You can bet that when you see a credit card advertising low APRs, that card is tough to acquire. Many card issuers automatically send applicants a “lesser” card if they do not meet approval conditions for a given card they are applying for. These lesser cards have higher APRs, increased fees and far less passive benefits and features. This card is not one that offers a lesser version of itself. If you do get approved however, you won’t have any annual fees to worry about.

You can use the company website to securely view your statements and perform other management functions with your Union Bank American Express Card. For instance, you can get online and monitor real-time (almost) activity associated with your account. You can check your balance, request support and even print out previous and current account summaries. And of course, you are easily able to pay your monthly bills on the website too. Of course these “benefits” are rather expected today. I always laugh a bit when I see credit card websites proudly advertising their “Free 24/7/365 account access” and the like. Still, it’s good to know, and it surely does come in handy.

Automatic Benefits of the Union Bank American Express Card

When you’re approved for and receive the Union Bank American Express Card, you are automatically privy to loads of special pricing and deals for various travel-enhancing products and services. You’ll be offered significant savings; or extra, complimentary amenities, at various worldwide hotels.

There’s no additional charges for the rental automobile insurance coverage. Whenever you need to rent a vehicle, and you use your Union Bank American Express Card to pay, then you’re covered. This keeps you covered against any damages or theft that occurs with the vehicle.  You simply decline the insurance clause offered by the rental agency, use the card to pay, and then make sure to keep a record. It’s a good ideas to snap a pic of the receipt with your cell phone. Print this and put it in your records in case there ever any disputes about damages to a rented vehicle.

If, very unfortunately, you were to become dismembered, or even die, while traveling, then there are travel accident insurance coverages in place with Union Bank American Express Card. That is, as long as you use the card to pay for the tickets. This applies to any tickets for common carrier transporters, like airlines, Amtrak, Greyhound and others. There is no extra cost for the coverage and it also applies to any member of your traveling crew, as long as their travel tickets were paid for with your card.

Always a hit for selling credit cards, and rarely ever used to any true avail, the Purchase Protection insurance coverage (supposedly) keeps you safe from damage and theft. On items you have purchased within 90 days, the coverage applies to repair, replace or reimburse you for items that are accidentally damaged, or stolen. The catch here that most never know about is that this coverage just a sell point. Of course there are legitimate uses for it, but you will most likely never file a claim. If you do, there is a $1000 limit per claim filed. There’s also a long list of exclusions that you might want to check out before getting overly excited about this feature. It sounds nice and sells well, but it’s not really so much.

Finally, there’s an Extended Warranty benefit that automatically doubles the standard warranties on products you purchase with your Union Bank American Express Card. The main condition is that the warranty has to be U.S. issued. There’s a 12-month maximum on the doubling period. So, for instance, if you buy an item that comes with a 8-month standard warranty, then you’re automatically covered for 16 months. Not bad, I guess. You can get all the juicy details at the website.

The bottom line about the Union Bank American Express Card:

The positive points about this cash back credit card is that the APRs are low and the fees are acceptable. It’s always good to remember that it doesn’t matter what the APRs are if you simply pay off your monthly balance in full, every month. That way, you never will be charges any interest at all. The automatic benefits are rather limited in my opinion, especially for a card that requires very impressive credit to get approved for. Another positive is that AmEx is well reputed for customer care; a minority in the credit card realm today. The downside of this card is that it’s a credit card, and credit cards are inherently evil. Overall, the Union Bank American Express Card will serve you dependably and consistently. There certainly are worse to own.

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