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US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card | Viajar a México Pronto?


The basic rewards units for the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card are called One Club Premier Miles. You will earn 1 mile point for every net dollar you spend with this card. When you use the card to buy fuel and food from the grocery store, you’ll earn 2 Premier Points per dollar. So every time you make a purchase, you’re going to be building those miles points. Here are some other ways to increase that point tally:

  1. You get 20,000 bonus points when you use the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card for the first time. You also receive a Complementary Companion travel ticket (see below).
  2. You get another 4000 bonus miles every year when you renew your card. You also receive a $99 companion ticket for travel.
  3. When you use the card to purchase travel with AeroMexico, you earn double miles points. You’ll also receive a 15% discount off all AeroMexico travel.

When you sign up and receive your US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card, you get a complimentary one-day Premier Lounge Access pass. There’s no annual fee for the first year. After that, there is an annual fee of up to $80. The amount is case dependent and based on individual cardholder credit worthiness. Like all Visa Signature credit cards, the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card comes with all the following benefits included:

There’s not a pre-set limit for spending with this card. You’re granted a revolving credit account which evaluates each transaction you may attempt to initiate with your card. Your credit rating, history, card performance and other variables will be assessed to determine if you are a worthy candidate to allow to exceed your credit limit.

Then there’s the Visa Signature Concierge services which assists you by booking travel arrangements, getting travel directions for you, reserving rental cars and more. Also, Visa Signature Travel & Shopping and Visa Signature Sports & Entertainment benefits are included. Further, you be protected with a Zero-Liability plan if you ever fall victim to card theft or other fraudulent acts.

If you report your card as lost or stolen, you have US Bank’s word to provide you with emergency cash and a replacement card, quick and easy. Of course, you can also use your card to get cash from ATMs worldwide wherever Visa is accepted. And to top it all, you can opt to redeem your miles points for travel with the entire SkyTeam network of providers covering more than 900 international destinations. Please note that the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card is offered only to residents of the United States.

APRs and Fees of the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card:

  • The APR for purchases and balance transfers is between 12.99% and 19.99% as dictated by your credit merit.
  • The APR for cash advances is 23.99%.
  • There will be a 4% fee attached to cash advances. The minimum amount charged will be $5.
  • Convenience check fees are 3% of the amount, again with a $5 minimum charge.
  • Cash equivalent fees are 4% of the amount or $10, whichever is greater.
  • Balance transfer fees are 3% of the amount transferred in US dollars, and there is a $5 minimum.
  • When any interest is due, the minimum charge will be $2.
  • There’s no first-year annual fee, but it will be $80 for every year thereafter.
  • Foreign transactions will incur charges of 2% of each transaction.

When you receive your US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card in the mail, a Club Premier Day Pass will arrive with it. You will need this pass, and your AeroMexico Visa Signature card in order to gain access. This pass will not be valid at any partner airline lounges. Your pass will only be valid on the day of a scheduled AeroMexico flight. It will be valid for 2 guests between Sunday and Wednesday and valid for only one guest Thursday through Saturday.

You will receive a complimentary Companion Certificate when you get your US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card in the mail. This is an offer that is exclusive to first-time cardholders only. The certificate is valid for one round-trip ticket from the US to Mexico. Of course, the tickets must be purchased for travel via AeroMexico or AeroMexico Connect flights. This certificate will not be valid for use at any partner airlines. This promotional offer cannot be mixed with any other offers. Only M/B/Y service classes are options for using this certificate. Also, both travelers have to be listed on the same itinerary. Seats may not be available and some blackout dates will apply. The certificate expires after 12 months.

If you make at least $30,000 in purchases with your US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card within the first twelve months after card activation, you will earn a bonus of 5000 Club Premier Elite Qualification Miles. And for each twelve month period after that you spend at least $30,000, 5000 more points will be awarded. US Bank does not award partial points for any accounts with less than $30K in spending. If you qualify at the end of the 12-month period, you will need to wait about 7 weeks to have your bonus points credited to your account. These points are not able to be merged with other offers and the points are not in any way transferable. See the AeroMexico website for all the details.

Business between Mexico and the United States is permanent for the future. If you are a frequent flyer to Mexico from the US and want a solid performance credit card that has a very well-established reputation for customer satisfaction, then check out the US Bank AeroMexico Visa Signature Card further today. It’s fair rates and generous benefits make it well worth your consideration.

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