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US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card | The Best Bonus Category Card?


At first glimpse, the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card seems like it might be a pain with its changing categories for earning bonus points. However, it doesn’t take long to see that this is a card with more to offer than the vast majority of  its competitors. With this card, you earn cash-back credit point everywhere you go, on anything you purchase. Now the trick is to understand the rewards system structure. It’s not that tough to do. Here are the basics:

There are 1%, 2% and 5% Cash+ rewards categories inherent to the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card. The cooler part is that you are able to dictate the categories according to your personal spending habits. By doing so, you maximize the cashback earnings that you accumulate through purchases. Each quarter, you earn 5% cash back on the first $2000 spent on your card. For instance, you might select your two 5% categories to be department stores and restaurants.

In addition, you’ll earn 2% cashback credits on various other everyday purchases like gasoline, pharmaceuticals and even groceries. And then you get a straight 1% on all other purchases. It’s important to remember to set your categories each quarter. Because if you don’t, your entire net purchases will only earn the default 1%. Each quarter, the categories are subject to change every three months. There are no limits to the amount of cashback credit you may accumulate.

Coincidentally, the Citi Dividend Platinum Select and the Chase Freedom Discover cards both have cashback credit caps attached. The US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card does not. Also,in example, the Chase Freedom card does have rotating 5% categories each quarter, but they are preset by the company, not by individual cardholders.

You’ll also receive a $25 Cash+ credit when you redeem at least $100 in cashback credits. This offer is good but once per year, but surely is generous. And you’ll see that there are a lot of other enticing benefits and features intrinsic to the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card. That is because it is a Visa Signature card and they are not the easiest cards on the planet to get approved for. In this case, if you do not qualify for the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card, you will automatically be considered for the not-so-fancy Cash Rewards Visa Card. It offers a straight 1% on all net purchases. No %5. No 2%. No $25 credit for redeeming at least $100. 1%. That’s it.

US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card APRs

There is not an annual fee for the US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card. It also comes with an 6-month introductory period where balance transfers have a 0% APR. Your individual APR for purchases will be determined when your application is reviewed and possibly approved.  It will vary between 13.99% and 23.99%. You’re going to need excellent credit to get this card, so be prepared for that.

Being a Visa Signature credit card, especially one that’s tough to procure, the  US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card is loaded with automatic benefits and features to make your life easier and more enjoyable. There’s actually quite a list of them, but let’s take a look at a few of the more enticing for the general applicant.

There is a huge international surge in hacking. As a result, there is a massive demand for protection from identity theft. And of course, world-leading financial entities like US Bank are on the case. The  US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card comes with a Zero-Liability protection clause for you. If any unauthorized purchases transpire with your card, you will incur no liability. And if you notice that you’ve lost your card or had it stolen, then US Bank will cancel that card immediately and get a new one to you within 48 hours. If 48 hours seems like an eternity in your situation, then there’s always the option of having emergency cash wired directly to you, on the spot.

Your family and you will be covered automatically by at least $1 million in accidental travelers insurance. This coverage goes into effect passively any time you use your  US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card to purchase common carrier travel tickets. If any of your traveling party experience injury, dismemberment or death, the policy kicks in to ease the burdens.

As another added bonus, your US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card monthly statement will have your credit score listed on it. This helps to keep you mindful of your spending habits, and helps you ultimately develop and maintain the best credit rating possible. You can check out all the fine print information about all the Visa Signature benefits at the US Bank website for this card.

Other US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card key benefits include:

The Visa Signature Concierge Service adds class and sophistication to your travels. Call the customer love reps any time to get assistance with fares, fees, currency exchange and loads more. Have reservations made for you. Receive very nice discounts on limo rentals. And there’s a lot more too. I personally find this feature to be very valuable, especially for frequent travelers.

You’ll get complimentary upgrades on flights, hotels and car rentals, all because you’re a Visa Select member. You’ll also be flooded with cardmember-only special deals for enjoying fine foods, delicious wines, exotic travel and more. The Visa Signature suite of benefits is impressive by almost anybody’s standards.

Overall, the  US Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card is one of the best available. If you have the credit merit to obtain one, do it now.

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