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USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card Review


USAA stands for the United Services Automobile Association, an organization established by servicemembers who wanted to provide auto insurance for members of the American armed forces. The USAA has recently rolled out a bunch of new rewards credit cards for service members which offer great rates and low APR. In our review of the USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card, we’ll look at the rates involved in making this one of the best USAA rewards credit cards.

USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card Review

Unlike other USAA reward credit cards, the Platinum Visa USAA card offers you the choice between a reward point program and a cash reward program. The USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card has a flat sign-up bonus and reward rate of one point per dollar spent on all purchases.

For starters, you earn 2,500 points at sign-up, which is redeemable for $25 in airfare. USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card does not have an annual fee. Balance transfers are 3% of the transfer up to a total of $200 in fees. Foreign transfers are 1%. The APR with the USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card is standard with these USAA cards, from 9.90% to 25.90%, which is pretty good.

With the USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card, you earn one point per dollar spent with no limit or expiration. The best value is achieved when redeeming for airfare through ALG Travel Service, starting at 15,000 points for $150. If you redeem larger amounts of points – 20,000 for a statement credit, for example – they are worth approximately one cent each. If you redeem for merchandise, smaller statement credits, or charitable donations, each point is worth less than one cent.

To qualify for USAA membership you must be active-duty, a retired and honorably separated officer, enlisted U.S. military personnel, or an officer candidate in a commissioning program such as Academy, ROTC, or OCS/OTS. You can also qualify if you are an adult child of eligible parents, a spouse, or a widow or widower of a qualifying member.

All in all, the USAA Rewards Visa Credit Card has some pretty great benefits compared to other USAA rewards credit cards, making it a unique USAA reward credit card worth looking into.


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