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West Elm Credit Card


The furniture and home décor store, West Elm, offers a rewards credit card to shoppers. In our review of the West Elm Credit Card, we’ll look at all of the pros and cons involved in using a West Elm Credit Card at West Elm furniture stores and see how this retail rewards credit card stacks up against the competition.

West Elm Credit Card Review

West Elm Credit Card is a partnership with Comenity Bank which allows cardholders to earn reward points toward future purchases at West Elm stores. That might seem like a bit of a drawback to some cardholders looking for an more well-rounded credit card, as the West Elm Credit Card can only be used at West Elm furniture stores, making it a bit limiting, even for retail credit cards. Still, West Elm give cardholders two options with their West Elm Credit Card: you can earn one point per dollar spent at West Elm stores and receive a $25 gift card for every $250 spent, or spend $750 and pay zero interest on that one purchase for a full year. It’s worth noting, however, that if you don’t pay off that balance, you will be charged all of the interest from that $750 or more purchase. The rate of interest is variable, but can go up to 26.99%, which is quite a bit for this retail credit card. The West Elm Credit Card does, however, have no annual fee.

In the long run, using your West Elm Credit Card to take advantage of the small discounts now and again isn’t exactly worth the 26.99% APR, and you may actually be paying more in interest that you save. If you plan on taking advantage of the 0% interest deal they offer on purchases of $750 or more, then that is where this retail credit card shines. If this is beneficial to you and you shop at West Elm furniture, then you may want to consider getting the West Elm Credit Card.


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