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Which credit card rewards/miles/points do not expire once earned?


Storing up on rewards and airline miles is a lot more fun when you do not have to worry about expiration dates. It’s painful to see your miles disappear from your rewards balance right when you were about to reach your goal. What you can do to prevent this is take action to keep your rewards alive and opting for rewards, miles and points that do not expire. The information in this article is sure to give you some new ideas and guide you in making better decisions when it comes to your credit card perks.

Rewards, Miles and Points That Do Not Expire

Credit Card Rewards

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points and American Express Membership Rewards do not expire on condition that your credit card account is in good standing. Same goes for Bank of America Travel Rewards, Capital One No Hassle Miles and Barclays Arrival Miles. All of these cards give rewards that do not expire. There are some credit cards whose rewards do not expire provided that you continue to earn rewards or redeem them once every 12 months. To make the most of the rewards you’ve earned and keep them alive longer just make sure your account is in a fairly good condition.

Credit Card Miles

Miles are a little trickier than rewards as they have expiration dates and it’s harder to keep them alive. You can keep your hard earned miles alive by earning even more miles on the credit card or redeeming them. Usually, your miles are transferred to your frequent flier account. Due to this you get to keep your miles even if you cancel your credit card account. Most airline credit cards have expiration dates ranging from 18 months to 36 months.

The Gold Delta SkyMiles Credit Card from AMEX is an exception to this because miles saved up on this card do not expire. Based on these facts it may seem as if expiration dates on airline miles are quite strict but that isn’t entirely true. Though they may be stringent, keeping them alive is also really simple. In most cases, all you have to do to make sure your miles do not expire is earn a few more. Some customers like to wait till they are close to the expiration date so they can buy some miles and go on vacation before the miles are wiped out from their credit card accounts.

Credit Card Points

There are a few credit cards out there whose points do not expire either. An example of this card is the BankAmericard Travel Rewards credit card which does not have a limit on the number of points you can earn and does not have an expiration clock ticking. Keeping points alive is the same as keeping your miles alive – all you have to do is keep earning more or redeem them. Generally, credit card holders redeem their points right before they are about to hit the expiration date. This way, they can make the most out of them and earn a few more before they disappear altogether.

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