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Wintersilks credit card: is it really worth it?



The Comenity bank has come out with another store credit card, the WinterSilks Credit Card. As the name suggests, this credit card is offered by WinterSilks, a popular buying destination for silk clothes. Ideal for the winter season, WinterSilks is loved by many people for its fine quality fabric and soft texture. If you are interested in applying for this card, you should look for its pros and cons. We have made this task easy for you by listing the features of this store card and pointing out its positive and negative points.


Features of the WinterSilks Credit Card

  • Reward certificate of $10 with every $150
  • 15% discount on your first order
  • Save up to $100 per year
  • 25% off on first purchase of your birthday month
  • No yearly charges
  • Exclusive discounts and sales
  • Easy and quick online handling system
  • APR of 26.99%


When you sign up for the WinterSilks Credit Card, you will earn a bonus of $10 after you make purchases of $150. You will also get a discount of 15% on your first purchase with the card. You can even get 25% off on your future orders. And, if it’s your birthday month, then you have got some reason to rejoice, as this credit card offers 25% discount on your first purchase in your birthday month. Moreover, there is no annual fee on the card, unlike other store cards. You can save over $100 per year with all these card benefits.


Cardholders of WinterSilks Credit Card get extra discounts and sales on their purchases. They can get access to special ‘Invitation Only’ events. With this, they have an edge over other regular customers of WinterSilks. You can even manage your credit card account through online handling. You just have to log on to WinterSilks.com and save your credit card payment at the time of purchase. It’s so easy and quick to check out your transaction.


You can make purchases from your WinterSilks Credit Card at any of its sister stores, including linen source, TOG Shop, Norm Thompson, Appleseed’s, Willow Ridge, Old Pueblo Traders, Sahalie, Blair, Solutions, Bedford Fair, and Gold Violin. You can earn up to 40% discounts with bonus rewards on this card. And, there is no earning or redeeming limit of the points. This means you can earn as much as you spend. Furthermore, you can avail free shipping on all your orders.


Apart from these benefits, there are also some negative points of the WinterSilks Credit Card. The rewards and points that you earn with this card have an expiry period of one year. This means that if you do not utilize your rewards within a year, they will become nil. There is a standard APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 26.99% (based on prime rate) on the card, which is variable according to the creditworthiness of the card member. And, the minimum interest is $2 for every credit plan. You will get a grace period of 25 days to pay all your credit balances. The maximum late fee is $35.



The WinterSilks Credit Card is ideal for the regular customers of WinterSilks. The card is valid on this store and its other sister brands mentioned above. Make sure that you pay your balances in full; otherwise you will have to pay the high interest rate of 26.99%.

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