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Younkers Credit Card: Is It Worth A Shot?



‘Younkers’ offers a wide selection of limited-distribution and unique merchandise of competitively priced private and national brands, which are tailored according to the lifestyle needs of customers. Its huge collection consists of shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, jewelry, beauty, and fragrance products for women in different brands. Besides this, it also provides clothing for men, kids, babies and juniors, home décor items, and other home utilities like furniture, bed, and bath. In all, it is a department store that provides a convenient and innovative shopping environment to customers.


The website of Younkers allows consumers to shop from the comfort of their home. This popular store has now come out with its store credit card, known as the Younkers Credit Card. It is offered in association with the Comenity Bank that decides all the terms and conditions of this card. Let us look at what all features are stuffed in this card.


Features of the Younkers Credit Card

  • Earn $20 rewards certificate after spending $200 on purchases above $50
  • Receive two $20 rewards certificates after spending $200 on purchases within a calendar month
  • Advance notification of sale events, exclusive email offers, special cardholder savings, and a birthday offer
  • Upgrade to the elite membership status after spending $1000 or more within a calendar year


Features of the Elite membership status of the Younkers Credit Card

All the above benefits, in addition to

  • Three free standard shipping on online purchases worth $25 or more
  • Special upgrade offers
  • Exclusive store wide deals
  • A quarterly ‘Elite Extras’ booklet with exclusive saving coupons


The Younkers Credit Card lets you earn a $20 rewards certificate after you spend $200 on purchases. This rewards certificate can be used on any purchase that is more than $50. And, when you spend $200 in a calendar month, you receive two $20 rewards certificates. For this, you can shop in store and online or in a featured department and any other department within a calendar month. You can also combine your rewards certificates to save more.


The Younkers Credit Card also provides advance notification of sale events, exclusive email offers, special cardholder savings, along with a birthday offer. And, if you spend $1000 or more on this card in a calendar year, you will be upgraded to the elite membership status. With this status, you can earn even more rewards. The elite membership status gives all the above benefits to its card members, in addition to other perks. This includes three free standard shipping on online purchases worth $25 or more.


The Younkers Credit Card also offers special upgrade offers and exclusive store wide deals to its elite members. They get a quarterly ‘Elite Extras’ booklet that encompasses exclusive saving coupons. However, only those accounts that are in good standing will be promoted to the Elite membership status.

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