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Your dream vacation or honeymoon made possible


Get few credit cards; make some purchases and fly away to your dream vacation

You can spend your miles for your dream vacation or honeymoon by using frequent flyer miles of airlines via their co-branded credit cards. Most of such credit cards offer bonus as maximum as 50,000 miles when you get your card and spend the first $1,000.

People have been easily accumulating miles for years just to go for that dream vacation or honeymoon. But how do they do it?

Here’s the answer:

1. Use your credit cards to earn miles and points for your dream vacation: You should sign up for credit cards that would allow you to earn miles and points that you could redeem for airlines and free nights at hotel chains. Some cards also let you redeem your points on car rentals.

  1. Payoff your credit cards completely and on time: Paying your credit cards in full will not only improve your credit score and save you from paying extra interests, but will also save you from any potential negation to your points and miles. You should sign up for a credit card that is based on mile collection prospects rather than interest rate.
  1. Identify your need: You should first identify what type of points and miles you want your credit card to earn you. Not all airline and hotel chain loyalty cards are made equal. The best ones for your dream vacation or honeymoon include American Airlines, British Airway and Club Carlson and United Airlines.
  1. Sign up for multiple cards linked with one account: What if the sign up bonus of 50 thousand miles is not enough to take you on your dream vacation or honeymoon? Here’s the hack: sign up for multiple credit cards that root into the same account. For example, you can get a card from United Airlines with 50 thousand miles, another from Ink Plus with 60 thousand miles (that can be transferred to United Airlines), and another 50 thousand miles on you Chase Sapphire that too can be transferred to United. These three cards would net you a total of 160,000 miles just as bonus.
  1. Spend at least $1,000 on your credit cards: You can take absolute benefit of credit card points and miles by spending at least $1,000 on them. This would bring you extra miles and draw your dream vacation or honeymoon within reach.
  2. Travelling during the off-season: You should wait for the off-season (the middle of winter would be perfect) to go on your dream vacation or honeymoon. You will get cheaper hotel rooms and cheap flights in the off-season in addition to the peace and calmness your destination would offer you.

Using these tips, you can make your dream vacation or honey moon plan a reality. You should always plan at least two years ahead of going for a vacation or honeymoon and use all resources available to make your dream come true. Credit cards are the most powerful things here if you choose them judiciously.

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