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Your Personality As Shown By Your Credit Card


What Do The Credit Cards You Keep Say About Your Personality?

Definitely, the things you spend your money on speak a lot about your personality. The new talk of the town is that the way you spend your money too indicates a lot about your personality. Just like you make a statement with your car selection, your credit card choice also shows your preferences, desires, taste and aspirations. Read the list below to find your personality traits on the basis of your credit card.

Barclay Arrival Card

Have a Barclay Arrival Card? Your personality is that of a trendsetter and socialite. You are out to set trends and lead from the front. You always try new ideas and take practical actions to make things happen.

Discover It Card

If you have a Discover it Card, your personality relates to someone who is industrious and pays attention to details. You work hard to make your dreams come true and in the process you keep no stone unturned in getting to the core of everything you see, read and experience. You also ask a lot of questions.

Chase Freedom Card

The Chase Freedom Card holders are imaginative and sometimes reckless. Their tendency to think out of the box can lead them to new, creative ideas; however, spending most of their time in imaginations can at times overshadow the practical aspects of their ideas.

NFL Extra Points Card

If you have NFL Points Card, your personality is that of someone who is extremely devoted, lively, strong and adoring. You like sports and go way out in supporting the team you like. You want everyone to know whom you are supporting. You have a great passion for the team and you even indulge yourself in sporting activities to reinforce your passion.

American Express Gold Card

Your American Express Gold Card indicates that you belong to the old school. You want to keep things real in your life. You don’t care if you don’t have balance on your card.

Airline Rewards Card

If you have an airline rewards card, you love to travel and chances are you already have travelled several thousands of miles. You are a frequent flyer with a lively heart. You want to enjoy your life, explore new places and meet with new people.

CapitalOne Venture Card

Your CapitalOne Venture Card shows that you love adventure and want to reach new pinnacles. You want the world to know what you are up to. You are a risk taker and take little rest during your efforts to make your dreams come true.

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