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Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card– Truly Amazing Cash Back Program?


A fairly large bank but armed with a regional bank mentality, Zions Bank’s credit card offerings are extremely consumer-friendly, smart and with excellent rewards and cash back programs which turn out to be better than what one would expect from a bigger bank.The many offerings of consumer credit cards by Zions Bank have interest rates and perks suiting a varied group with diverse lifestyles, interests and credit backgrounds. The Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card is a truly amazing cash back credit card armed with extraordinary benefits. Issued by Zions Bank, a subsidiary of the Zions Ban corporation, this Amazing Cash Credit Card is a no–fee Visa cash credit card that benefits the customers with cash back on almost every purchase.

The amazing cash back of the Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card

The Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card has a strong and “Amazing Cash Back” program on purchases for its cardholders. Cardholders are eligible for 1% cash back on all purchases across all categories throughout the lifetime of their membership with absolutely no cap, i.e., an unlimited 1% cash back program f for life. Further, they have a double cash back program, i.e., 2% for every $1 they spend on net purchases for the first 3 months of them opening their account with Zions Bank. After the end of 3 months, they are eligible for the standard 1% cash back. Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card holders are also eligible for earning a bonus of up to 25% on an annual net spending of $25,000. The bonus is calculated on the total amount of money spent by the cardholder, the total cash back earned and the spending tier for which they qualify. Spending tiers are as follows –Tier 6: $25,000+ (25%), Tier 5:$20,000–$24,999 (20%), Tier 4: $15,000–$19,999 (15%), Tier 3: $10,000–$14,999 (10%), Tier 2: $5,000–$9,999 (5%) and Tier 1: $0–$4,999 (0%). So if a cardholder has an annual spending of $10,000, then the annual bonus is $1,000 and the cash back is $100. This bonus is credited to the deposit account of the cardholder within the first 6 weeks of the calendar year end.

The cash rewards program of the Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card allows cardholders to earn cash rewards on qualified purchases when they shop at 1,500 participating merchants in the cash back rewards program. Furthermore, cardholders also don’t need to pay any enrollment fee or any extra cost to participate in this program; only on the payment of cash reward is a minimal monthly processing fee deducted. Since offers and rewards are created and offered by the participating merchants, they could be changed at their discretion anytime and customers are advised to check https://www.zionsbank.com/personal/amazing-cash-card.jsp for updated information about program conditions, terms and participating merchants.

The Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card has a good APR program for new cardholders too. New cardholders are eligible for an Introductory APR of 0% for the first 6 months on purchases of cardholders having opened their account. After that, a variable APR of 11.24%-18.24% is applicable. Furthermore, purchases made during the initial 6 months of membership are interest–free, and the Introductory APR doesn’t apply to cash advances. However, the minimum balance payments are still compulsorily payable each month. The Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card also has an Introductory APR of 0% on balance transfers for the initial 12 months of new cardholders having opened their accounts. After that, a variable APR of 11.24%-18.24% is applicable.Cardholders should put in balance transfer requests within the initial 60 days of them having opened their account, and a balance transfer fee of 3% is applicable on every transfer. However, intro period transfers are interest–free and minimum balance payments are still mandatory.

Last, but not the least, the Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card requires no payment of any annual fee of any kind.

Additional features of the card

The Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card also has additional services for its cardholders. The card provides free purchase alerts to cardholders on their mobile phones, which allows them to monitor account activities in real-time. The card also provides free mobile fraud alert services which automatically send cardholders messages when any activity of suspicious nature is detected on the card. These two features allow cardholders to stay on top of any kind of fraudulent activity taking place on their card. The my PHOTO card feature of the Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card let’s card holders customize their cards with their own images. The additional Visa privileges of the card include the Visa Zero Liability which protects cardholders from the liability for having to pay for any unsanctioned purchases made on the card. The concierge services offer cardholders free help with last–minute reservations on restaurants and airline tickets. The car rental collision damage waiver protects cardholders if the rental car they paid for with their Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card is stolen or damaged. The travel accident insurance benefit covers cardholders in case of dismemberment or accidental death if tickets have been purchased with the card, and the emergency assistance feature helps arrange for travel, legal or medical services when cardholders are away from their homes. The card also has a warranty manager feature which extends the manufacturer’s warranty by 1 year on any item that is purchased with the Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card. The cardholder inquiry services on the card provide speedy 24X7 help and services for any questions and doubts that cardholders have about the card and its features. Furthermore, the card also has a stolen/lost card reporting feature letting cardholders immediately report if their card has been stolen or is lost. Customers can learn more details on www.visa.com.

This card is perfect for people who transfer a balance, carry a balance or have excellent credit on the card. Even though the 1% cash back isn’t high, the no–fee charge at Zions Back makes it a better card than its peers.Armed with the slogan “We haven’t forgotten who keeps us in business”, Zions Bank Amazing Cash Credit Card is smart, clean and savvy.

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