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Zions Bank


Zions Bank is a Utah-based financial institution serving the western United States with more than 500 branches present in Utah to California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, and Arizona. The bank offers a variety of personal, business and commercial banking services to consumers. The same goes for Zions Bank rewards credit cards, some which are designed for personal use, while others are designed for business owners.

Types of Zions Bank Rewards Credit Cards

Zions Bank Rewards credit cards are offered in a variety of options including but not limited to:

• AmaZing Rate Visa
• AmaZing Rewards Visa
• AmaZing Cash Visa

Each of the personal credit cards offers Zions cash rewards. The Zions cash rewards program is designed to offer special perks and discounts for online shopping, local merchant shopping, and online travel options. For example, consumers can receive up to 5% cash back when booking travel online and 20% cash back from national online retailers. Earning 10%, 20% to 50% cash back shopping at specific types of stores in Utah or Idaho is also an option.

The AmaZing Cash credit card and the AmaZing Rewards credit card offer 1% cashback on purchases with no spending limit, 2% cashback for the first 90 days, and a 25% annual bonus.

A number of business options are available with Zions Bank rewards credit cards as well. For example:

• AmaZing Cash for Business
• AmaZing Rewards for Business

These cards also come with a variety of benefits and perks, from 2% cashback on business purchases to one point for every dollar spent.

Compare the personal cards to determine which type of rewards program would work out best for you, whether it’s double points for the first 90 days or 2% cashback for the first 90 days, as is offered with the AmaZing Rewards and AmaZing Cash credit card options.

The Zions cash rewards program comes with a wide set of options when it comes to earning and redeeming points, and these cards are automatically enrolled in the cash rewards programs. Visit the website for more information regarding rewards associated with Zions Bank rewards credit cards.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

The personal Zions Bank rewards credit cards come with a variety of annual percentage rates, depending on the card. For example, the personal cards range between 9.24% and 18.24%, depending on the card and your credit history.

The interest rate for the AmaZing Cash for Business card is 14.24%, as is the AmaZing Rewards for Business card. Each of these cards offers a 0% introductory annual percentage rate for six months.

The AmaZing Rate Visa card comes with a 9.24% to 12.24% APR after six months. The AmaZing Rewards Visa card has an annual percentage rate that ranges between 11.24% and 18.24%, depending on your credit history and credit worthiness. This card also offers a 0% introductory annual percentage rate for six months. The AmaZing Cash Visa card comes with an 11.24% to 18.24% annual percentage rate.

Annual Fees

Zion Bank rewards credit cards offer a variety of fees, but no annual fees for the AmaZing Cash for Business or AmaZing Rewards for Business credit cards. There are no annual fees attached to any of the personal credit cards.

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